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Art Therapy and You

Ever feel like just words alone couldn't possibly describe how you're feeling. That's because sometimes, words just aren't quite enough.  This is when bringing art into therapy can help you express, understand, and cope with your feelings.  By expressing yourself through art, an Art Therapist can help you see things about yourself and can help you process emotions and feelings that you are struggling with making healing possible.

Art therapy offers opportunity to:


  • Develop coping skills for managing anxiety and depression

  • Build self-esteem and reduce feelings of not being “good enough”

  • Process and integrate traumatic experiences

  • Explore and understand transitions and life changes

  • Explore future goals

  • Develop and  better define your sense of self

  • Build confidence and a sense of mastery

  • Foster a sense of play, experimentation and exploration

  • Explore difficult feelings and emotions symbolically in a non-confrontational way

  • Lower anxiety and relieve stress


You might benefit from art therapy if:


  • You have ever felt stuck in traditional talk therapy

  • You’ve had an overwhelming experience that you can’t process with words

  • You are open to an alternative approach to therapy

  • You’d prefer to express yourself non-verbally

  • Art has always been a natural way of expression for you

  • OR you’ve never done art before (art therapy can be great either way!)


You don't need to be an artist to benefit from Art Therapy.  Art therapy is an effective at helping those of all ages and artistic ability. You just have to be open to using the creative process to aid in healing.

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